Srikurmam Mineral Sand Mines to Receive Hindustan Zinc Environment Award for the Year 2014 -2015

Mr. Pradeep Koneru, Managing Director of Trimex Sands Private Limited has received an award on August 24, 2015 from Honourable Union Minister of Steel and Mines, Government of India for his extraordinary contribution and support to environmental safety as well as for sustainable mining.


Federation of Indian Mineral Industries (FIMI) has instituted social awareness awards so as to give confidence to the leaders for forging ahead and helping followers to perform better. FIMI covers metal making, mineral processing, cement, mining and other mineral-related industries along with marble, stone, granite and slate industries (public, private and joint sectors). It indicates the overall non-fuel mineral and mining processes of the country.

The main objective FIMI is to create an energetic, environmentally safe mineral industry that fulfils the nation’s mineral needs from the obtainable resource quality, imports from other nations the scare or unavailable metals and mineral as well as exports the abundant metals and minerals that are having a demanding market without unfairness to domestic requirements. To support the objective, FIMI announces ‘Environment Awards’ to organizations involved in mining and mineral activities. Hindustan Zinc Environment Award is one such award granted to those who contribute to environment protection.

For the year 2015, Hindustan Zinc Environment Award was announced to be offered to Srikurmam Mineral Sand Mines for its spectacular performance. The decision to choose Srikurmam Mineral Sand Mines by the FIMI jury was made on the basis of desktop assessment followed by site-assessment. The award included a shield inscribing the name of Srikurmam Mineral Sand Mines and a certificate for the person who strived hard to bring out extraordinary performance of the Srikurmam mine. The individual is none other than Mr. Pradeep Koneru, Managing Director of Trimex Sands Private Limited. The Shield of Srikurmam Mineral Sand Mines was given to Mr. T V Chowdary, Director, Trimex Sands Pvt. Ltd.

The effort of Trimex Group in the mining and mineral separation activities is phenomenal and outstanding and the contribution to save the environment is worth mentioning. The award was presented to Mr. T V Chowdary and Pradeep Koneru during the 49th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of FIMI, held at New Delhi. This award remarks Pradeep’s state of excellence and contribution to the society. It was a proud moment for the managing director to receive the prestigious award from Union Minister.