Exclusive mining policy needed to spur economic activity in A.P. The Hindu News about Pradeep Koneru

TSPL managing director Pradeep Koneru told The Hindu that the government’s active support was necessary since prices have come down drastically for heavy minerals in the world market. “Mining activity should not be treated with suspicion. It will discourage new investments in this unexplored area,” he added.

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The Department of Industries has also prepared a note explaining the opportunities for the industry in Srikakulam district which has a long coastline spreading 192 km from Pydibhimavaram to Itchapuram. DIC general manager B. Gopala Krishna Murthy said the government focused on Srikakulam for the promotion of industries in heavy minerals, jute sector and solar power.

Exclusive mining policy is the need of the hour to spur economic activity in Andhra Pradesh which is keen to mobilise more funds for its flagship programmes and loan waiver scheme.

Mining industry, which is currently facing many challenges owing to delay in sanctioning of mandatory permission from authorities, has sought government’s support for generating employment opportunities in the State. Export duty of around 10 per cent has become another bane for the industry. Heavy mineral industries can have robust business activity in A.P. if both Central and State governments look into the grievances of the entrepreneurs, according to experts.

Mining Engineers Association of India (MEAI) strongly feels that there is ample scope for proper utilisation of mineral resources in coastal region and establishment of new industries. The association observed that rigid laws, inordinate delay in sanctioning of permission and handing over of land to industries are the main reasons for the poor growth in the sector.